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United Kingdom

Winterslow Vintage Restorations

To contact us:

Phone: (44) 01980 862546

Fax: (44) 01980 862546

Email: david@plantwide.co.uk

With twenty six years experience in the restoration of Pre –War Cars we can provide a full Restoration and Spare Parts service.

Restoration Services: We can undertake any Pre–War restoration work from an Engine/Gearbox/Rear Axle overhaul to a full Ground Up Restoration.

Marques: We have experience in  Marques such as Riley, Clyno. Bull Nose Morris, Lea Fancis  etc.

Spare Parts Service: I maintain a selection of New and Used Spare Parts for most Pre-War Riley Cars and am able to obtain or manufacture Aluminium & Cast Iron castings .


Winterslow Vintage Restorations is a Division of

Plant Wide Services Limited

Company Number 4440412